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Preventive Making a difference every day and for years to come

Improving oral health starts with better preventive care. Every appointment is an opportunity for hygienists and dentists to make a difference that day and for years to come. Our innovative solutions are making it possible to diagnose a wider range of potential problems earlier and with greater accuracy. At the same time, the scaling, polishing, and treatment solutions we’ve pioneered help raise the standard of care by making each visit as effective as it is comfortable. Only by helping create the best possible patient experience can we expect them to keep coming back to achieve the frequency and regularity of hygiene visit that is the essence of preventive care.

Our preventive care solutions include:

Set up
Infection prevention related disposables and chemistries for use throughout the entire procedure. Treatment centers incorporating automatic infection control functions.
Accessories for holding and positioning digital sensors, phosphor plates and film. Intraoral x-ray, 2D and 3D digital imaging systems, scanning systems, intraoral media and software.
Needle-free anesthetic developed specifically for preventive care.
Full range of ultrasonic scaling inserts, tips and accessories that are fast and easy to use. Table top and integrated ultrasonic scaling systems.
Prophy angles, cups, polishing paste, air polishing tips and other consumables. Air powered and cordless prophy handpieces. Air polishing systems.
Proven treatments, including fluorides, whiteners and sealants to improve oral health. Ultrasonic baths and sterilizers for instrument disinfection and reprocessing.


Experience our Preventive products and solutions.